ATC weirdness at KATL

My name is Jamie Shields and I’m a relatively new member of Infinite Flight (Grade 2 but gunning for Grade 3, a couple of speed violations under 10,000 feet and that’s about it).
I’m sorry if I have posted this in the wrong forum but it appeared to be the best spot for it. I have a couple of questions about a weird encounter that I just had with the KATL Tower.
I was flying KMEM - KATL (Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 Turboprop) and was about 60NM out at approximately 21:10Z when I started to receive a bunch of “On Guard” requests from the KATL Tower.
I was too far out of range and therefore not able to respond, so I didn’t. However, since I don’t want to get ghosted I kept an eye on the distance (all the while continuing to receive On Guard messages) and when I was in range I transmitted that I (WestJet 590) was inbound for landing.

The Tower then responded by telling me to line up and wait at Runway 26L.

I repeated my inbound call and the Tower then informed me that my plane was too big to land at KATL.

I was a little confused at that point (saw a 737, a 777 and some other planes there at the time) so I just made the decision to deviate from my flight plan and abort my approach while I sorted this out.

It was at this time that the controller closed the Tower, switching us over to Unicom.

So, I guess my questions are:

  1. Is a Dash-8 too big to land at KATL? I think I know the answer but I figured I would double-check.
  2. Any idea what the controller was suggesting by these messages?
  3. Is this just life on the Training Server and I should get used to it?

I have a couple screenshots that I can add to the post. I haven’t included them now because I didn’t want to clutter the forum with potentially inconsequential data.

Anyway, thanks for any answers that you guys can provide.

-Jamie Shields

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You were in the right 100%.

The ATC had no idea what they were doing, clearly someone new or a troll in the tower.
Ignore it. You’re fine. Sorry you had to deal with that.

Also, attempt to get Grade 3 and join the expert server. You’ll be glad you did.


Sounds like the tower controller was just mashing buttons. This couldn’t be more hilariously inapplicable to the Dash. Of course it’s not too big.


Hi Jamie,

I’m sorry to hear about this. The Training Server is, yes, a server where folks are training to become better… hopefully. Folks are still unsure of what buttons to push and still not quite sure on what commands to send and when. This is fine. If it were on the Expert Server, we have controllers how have been trained and tested to ensure that you’re receiving the appropriate and quality service. With that said:

  1. Is the Dash8 too big for ATL? No. You’ll be fine. Many heavies, 777, 747, MD11, etc will land there on a routine basis.

  2. On guarding an aircraft means that you’re in their airspace. After you’ve established contact, that you should let them know what your intentions are. (landing, transition)

  3. Kind of. This will occur more on the Training Server than the Expert Server. If you frequent the Training server then yes.



May i add something ?
ATC at training server can’t ghost you :)


Thanks for the replies. I figured as much…
See you all on the Expert Server soon enough.


Good to see you made it to this forum though!
Hope we see more of you and you find the time to check out the tutorials on this forum, so you’re fully prepared to go on Expert server.

Have fun!

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You can’t get ghosted on the training server


I am an avid follower of the tutorials, for sure!

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Good news!
(Proceeds to drive over every plane he sees on the taxiway).


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