Atc weird today

This is not a complaint, I just need answers.
First of all, There was no Atc at EGLL when @Raze was center for London’s center btw. Me and @AlphaSeven (Callsign: Air Serbia 380) was flying in at EGLL with the same SID and same rumway right? I would have easily avoided potential conflict and slowed down right? But Atc makes BOTH of make the tourist route that made me (maybe @AlphaSeven) 10 min delayed. So @Raze , if your watching this please explain. I think you also holded someone when it wasn’t busy.
Now @haribo , you have the D-ATIS wrong. Should be 27L and 27R not 9L and R

@Ryan_boi is going to be replying to the comments btw.


If you had any issue with an IFATC member’s service, we ask that you message them. Calling them out, especially tagging them, is nothing but humiliating and unnecessary.

Doing that will most likely result in a defensive controller which will lead to an unproductive conversation.

Before messaging the controller(s), it is important that you calm down first as that will lead to a more productive conversation.

If that doesn’t work, you may add @moderators or @Tyler_Shelton (IFATC Manager) to your message, and we will help.

Sorry for the tag guys