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I was on a flight Austin to DFW and was 80 miles from DFW when I received an Approach warning to contact DFW approach. However, when I go to my Coms I have no way to answer the warning as the station does not come up on my available frequencies. The hyper concern for a violation, I exited the flight after the second warning. My question, do the ATC controllers know that I am out of range and will not cite for violation for not answering an ATC instruction?


Go into the airport menu on the map - and tune in that way - it normally becomes available to tune in from the map before it appears in the ATC Menu

was this on the training server.?

Expert, I will try through the map, that might work.

Best to contact the controller by yourself. He will be able to explain why he on guarded you.

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yeah the map makes it become available far past where the coms are

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The best way to contact the airport approach is to click the airport icon, and go through the menu of active frequencies. Do not, scroll through the massive list of every airport frequency.

It’s simple - he was asking the pilot to contact approaxh…

Expert. Thanks for the feedback.

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80nm out, that’s not normal. We start on guarding at about 40-50nm.


Maybe contact your controller?

Ive been on guarded at that distance several times…normally when there is a long approach line

weird. We don’t know, speculations will stay speculations. Only the controller can give him an answer.

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When and where were you flying. I can try to find your controller

I am not at my log, so I cant get the exact date and time, but I think it was Sunday evening around 6 pm. But will look when I get home. Thanks for the offer.


Yea, the map sometimes work, but sometimes, you’re still out of reach, which is annoying, and it won’t show up on the map, so-

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