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I was flying from Heathrow to Schipol when I was starting my decent. I was asked to contact schipol tower but when I tried to switch onto the frequency, schipol tower wasn’t in my ATC menu. Can anyone help please??

Were you within range of the airport? (25NM)
Was this on Expert?


Hi Alexa,

@anon88794458 provides an excellent photo in his post (see below) about when you will be able to contact frequencies/when ATC should send you an on-guard warning. I wouldn’t worry if you’re unable to contact them when asked to - it often happens in TS1 that you’re told to contact a certain frequency but you’re still 200nm out! Just keep going until you’re in-range.

If this was on expert, again, I would just keep going until I’m in range, and I would take some screenshots just in case I got ghosted!

I hope this helps,


EDIT: Here’s the link to the other thread I found the image on:


Thanks I will have a look at this.

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I’m not sure but i will check next time.

Was this on the Expert server?

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