ATC warning while taxing to parking

Hello all,

I am writing here to learn better, as much as I enjoy IF I am taking it serious and trying to keep my violations and reports records lowest possible.

Today in expert server after I have landed to FAPE, Port Elizabeth R08, i missed the first exit from the runway and have to cross the runway R35. I have asked permission to cross the R35 to the ATC/Tower and he has warn me to see the forum for learn ATC instructions. Later i have understand until i leave the runway which I am cleaned to land i do not need permissions to continue my action.

After i exit the runway contacted the ATC/Ground and ask permission “taxi to parking”, I have get my reply “taxi to parking” and i was taxiing with 18knots ATC warned me to follow the instructions or i will be reported.

It is not a complain, i am just sharing to understand better. I have 450 landings in total so far and always respected the rules and the others. After i directly quit the game without parking to the gate to avoid a report.

It takes away my mood a little. So if you can explain me or share your comments i will appreciate.

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Usually when the check help pages is given on an exit it is because the ATC gave you a command to cross a runway but you asked for crossing anyways. Or you delayed your exit.

Can you share your replay? That will take a lot of the guess work out of why.


Thanks @Chris_S I am trying to share it but couldn’t figure it out.
If the code helps;
but the file I couldn’t attach here.

I will PM you.

Thanks to @Chris_S i saw my mistake. while taxiing at night flight its hard to spot hold short lines. Again greetings and respects to ATC’s who are making this game better.


Recommend switching to day when taxiing at night if Chris hasn’t already told you. It’s pretty hard to taxi during the night without any lights.


Thank you @Pilot_urp i was trying to keep more realistic experience but yes better that way. Also it was a sunset but I have missed it. Until the lighting update comes i agree its the best way.


I’m sure @Chris_S told you, but I’ll say it anyway, thank you for taking this as a learning opportunity and seeking to improve your skills :)

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