ATC warning error?

Check out the attached screenshot. I’ve been interacting with expert server ATC in this format for as long as I can remember. Anybody have any idea what I possibly could’ve done incorrectly here? Or perhaps it was a mis-click? Blocked out approach ATC username for privacy reasons. Is it because I did “any” runway? I’ve alwAys communicates “any” in the past. I’m just curious your guys’ thoughts!

First check in.
Call inbound.
got scolded
Given expectations.

When you’re inbound with a radar frequency open, only request one service from the controller.

“Checking in” is when you would like to request a flight following service if you’re with a radar freq. When you’re with approach, it’s where you’ll follow your pre-planned FPL onto apprch into an airport. Then, once you’re established on a pattern leg, you’ll be transferred to tower.

In the future, just request the ILS approach up front, no need for the check in unless you’ve been transferred from a previous radar frequency (:

If you’d like some more in depth details, shoot a message to your controller. That’d be happy to have a chat :)


In addition, I’d say you‘re too high. You shouldn’t contact Approach until you’re at 18‘000ft.

This is always a good solution as well, if not the best. You’re controller most likely can tell you exactly what happened. We can give you suggestions based on what we see from the screenshot, but there might be another reason that’s invisible for us.

In the end, it’s not a violation or a ghosting; it’s a simple warning. It’s great that you want to learn and improve though!


It is NOT flight following. If you check in you just say the controller that you are following your flight plan. Flight following is used for GA aircraft and means that they will fly the approach VFR. Never use flight following when flying an airliner

Good to know. Never knew that before, so I’ve learned something.


“Checking in” is another method of requesting a flight following service in Infinite Flight;

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It can be used so say that you want to do a flight following, but there is a special button for requesting flight following. It is recommend to use this and you will barely find anyone on Expert flying the X-Cub and than checks in and flys VFR.

Directly from the IFATC manual:
The check-in command serves 2 primary functions:

-Requesting flight following from the first radar controller the pilot contacts when they have an acceptable flight plan

-Advising a radar controller you are on their frequency after being switched from another radar controller

When you call in with check-in, you are essentially stating you are going to be flight following. Please do not request vectors or an instrument approach when you have already called in with a check-in notifying the controller you are flight following. The correct procedure is doing one or the other. It takes our attention away from other aircraft to have to send you a miscellaneous message. Thanks.


Checking in or using the flight following button;
Either button works fine and will provide you with the same service from ATC.
Though, yes, the flight following button does make it somewhat more clear, but;

All radar controllers on the expert server have been throughly trained and understand that an aircraft “Checking In” whilst on an approach freq is an aircraft requesting a flight following service into an airport, unless they’ve just been transferred from another radar freq.

I’ve personally had a range of aircraft “Check In” to my frequency and I’ve let them fly their FPL into the airport, traffic permitting, and everything has worked out fine (:

Message me with the controller’s name. The other posters covered the contents of the problem in detail, but that wasn’t worth a check help.


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