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I have a question today I was flying from KDEN TO CYYZ and I made the flight plan based on the ATIS Info and I planned to land on runway 15R during the flight there was a change on ATC and they have changed the landing runways to 33R and 33L and I followed the instruction landed successfully on 33L but there was a NOTAM for CYTZ airport and I need to divert since I was flying 777-300 but I ignored it and kept on my way to land and everything went fine.

Now the question is which has a higher priority ATC or NOTAM instructions?

NOTAM supercedes ATC instructions.

Use London City airport as an example; the TFR doesn’t allow planes larger than the A220-300 or A318. While ATC in theory could clear planes larger to land, the NOTAM doesn’t allow them to do so.


The NOTAM for CYTZ doesn’t apply to you if you’re just flying over. Since you were landing at CYYZ, you did nothing wrong 🙂


Thanks for the reply but shouldn’t ATC always make sure about the landing and departing runways while planning to control that airport?

Thanks for the reply actually I got confused and I was planning to divert better than getting a warning 😅

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Yes, this should 100% be the case. However, in the scenario where the controller who is controlling at an airport with NOTAMs in place is oblivious to the NOTAM, this should serve as a good way to clarify what should happen.

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Noted ✅ thanks

The real issue at Toronto Pearson
is that you can enter the Billy Bishop red circle while on short final at Pearson, and when taxiing on the ground as well. The message then becomes a big distraction, and clearly can cause confusion as well. There’s only one letter in it!


Totally agree

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