ATC voting system

I am playing often in playground as ATC and pilot.
Many people know how to report stupid pilots on airport. However some ATC is worst to control and that should be include me. So many pilots take off without permission when they waiting long and they doesn’t care about others at that point. I’m sure that stupid airplanes will go away as everyone know how to report them, but stupid ATC won’t since we don’t have that kind of system for ATC.
As a result I found out that we should make voting system for ATC in terms of how well are they controlled and handled aircrafts. And yes, it is possible on community PM, but not all pilots are on community and who’s going to send PM just for opinion unless they are serious. So what I want to say is Make voting system for ATC on playground and advanced servers and keep that record for ATC to see their progress.

P.S I’m not talking about reporting system.


yes greet idea!


My worry is that people who are stupid and don’t follow instructions would purposely give bad rating because they don’t get their own way.


Yeah, that would be possible, so we could make like if a pilot is reported twice or more by other pilots when controlled by ATC, their vote will be not counted etc.

Playground is the place of learning to be an ATC, expect ATC not to be up an Advanced controllers level. As time progresses those ATC will become better and more knowledgable, that’s why they call it:

ATC Playground

Well, than you accept these thing am I right?
Even who is allowing takeoff from both end of the runway, or instruct taxi while aircraft push backing in front of it.

I actually wouldn’t be opposed to and ATC rating/grading system.I usually know when I’m gonna get quality service just by recognizing user names but newer users might not. Since good ATC service seems to be something thats important to many of us this can be a good idea.

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Is anyone here old enough to remember the voting system from before…


Once when I was waiting in a long line to take off on ATC Playground, the person behind me, a Grade 1, roared off the taxiway, over the grass, and onto the runway. They then proceeded to take off. Mind blown.

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MaxSez: I feel your pain @Shuuichi_Furusawa. But don’t believe your suggestion is viable. One of the problems I’ve encountered when I want to communicate via PM to a Playground Controller Trainee is that they fail to join the Forum and establish a PM address. I believe ATC novice’s should be required to register and have an addressable Forum account. That way when there’s a Pilot/Controller conflict they can settle the matter one on one via PM rather than air there gr evidence on the general Forum which draws Peanut (duty experts). (I routinely send PM inquires, critiques and Kudos to PG Controllers with a copy to a recruiter. It’s a good thing for all conserned)


When Live was first launched and we first had ATC we had this option to grade the ATC. It was removed as I think a lot of people on,y graded them LOW as they made them wait to take off or made them to a holding pattern before landing.


Oh, I see I didn’t know that since I’m not playing live at the start.

I think your way is efficient and convinient, but you know many people doesn’t have their name on community and even doesn’t able to talk generally in English. (Except for controlling) However, I’m absolutely agree to your idea that put requirements for ATC to register on forum and possibly they can get comment in a good way and bad way. Personally I feel that many stupid pilots won’t send much criticisms or rate low as voting system.

Good idea!

This used to be a thing. It was removed because pilots were giving the controllers bad ratings because they did not get their way.



Shuuichi. I agree with your comment completly. You also must agree that our members on the most part are sofisticated and are able to provide a translated subtext. i wish your well. MadMax Sends

Shuuich, watashi wa completly anata no komento ni dōi shimasu. Anata wa, hotondo no bubun ni watashitachi no menbā wa, kōdo riyō to hon’yaku sa reta sabu tekisuto o teikyō suru koto ga kanōdearu shite iru koto ni dōi shinakereba narimasen. Watashi wa anata o yoku nozomimasu

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@Keegan_Gidley. MaxSez. I disagree Keegan. It was not a case of Pilots “Not getting there way” it was poor conflict resolution. Controllers are not always right, the Pilot in command is the decision maker and never forget it. The PM Pilot/controller Incident PM procedure was established to give the peanuts both pilots and controllers a vehicle to vent in private rather than clog the General Topic with humbug.

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