ATC Volume Problem

After I installed IOS 13 recently, I have not been able to hear any ATC communications, only read them. I checked to make sure everything was unmuted, and even restarted the app, but to no avail. Anyone else having similar issues?


Have you gone in the app settings in infinite flight and checked the at. volume setting? This can possibly be the issue.

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It’s likely that your voices needed to be redownloaded on your device.


Mines all good after update

I’ll definitely try this out when I can. Thanks. Hopefully it works.

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This happens to me as well. If a notification goes off, say a text message, it mutes ATC sometimes. To fix this, I just activate Siri and deactivate it.

Hey got the same problem as you but on Android. Got no fixes nor improvements. Sometimes it mutes on it’s own. Sometimes it goes back on. Idk.

The random mute is a different story and has to do with the OS stopping the text to speech engine if the app is paused.


Is there any way to stop it from occurring? Or should you just try not to pause in the middle? I am asking because it happens to me too

Don’t pause it in the middle. Pretty sure it usually happens when you pause it mid-speech.

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Makes sense. Thanks for the help!

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I have had some success simply putting the app in the background for a brief second. I can’t tell you if it’s for sure the TTS functionality (in my case), but it’s definitely no sound but ambient and speech returns after bringing it back to the foreground.

Can’t tell you the logistics of why it works, just seems to for me.


Got the same problem here on iOS 13 running on an iphone 6s. Tried the voice over settings, reset to no avail.
Gonna stick to flying on the older device for now.

Don’t worry - I am sure the devs are hard at work trying to fix this.

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