ATC Voices - Which one?

Hi everyone!

I was recently watching a video, and I came across this video where ATIS had this nice voice. However, I don’t know which one it is in my settings.

The Video:

Does anyone know what “voice” this is, so I can download and use it?



I believe it is “Ava” in the iOS settings.

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The voices available to you depend on your device’s text to speech engine, and vary depending on the manufacturer. If you don’t have it, you most likely won’t be able to download it.



Yes it is! Thank you!

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Yes, I own an Apple iPad, and I just need to download the speech, which then shows up in the Infinite Flight Live settings!

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What the for voices app called?


It depends on your device, if it is an iOS device, it is located in settings.

The voices must be downloaded in order to use them in-app.

Where is l it located in settings? I’m on an IOS device.

Located in Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Voices

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