Atc voices and pilot voices

Hello everyone. I need your help.
I’m using XS running the latest iOS 17.0.1
I want to know how to change atc voices and pilot voices.
And how to fix the audio issued on iOS 17. There were no sound after loading to a flight.
Thanks so much.

Hey there @IFVN-AnHuy

You cannot change other aircraft/atc voices however you can go into setting and select “online” then go to “pilot voice” and from there you can choose s voice you would like to use

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There’s literally an option shown in the screenshot

This is an issue i am experiencing as well

What do you mean when you say screenshot do you mean open screen of IF

Oh wait default changes the other voices?

I didn’t know that 😅


happy to help :)

Hi benji it’s AC957 from AA discord what is the issue again I was about to update my IOS to 17 but maybe I should hold off a bit

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What I’m saying is that the default voice changes atc/other pilot’s voice

you can’t hear a single thing from ATC, you have to rely on seeing the messages instead hearing

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That’s how I have always done it lol

Nooooo I need to hear them, sometimes I not in front of my iPad flying on autopilot and doing something in the same room but when I hear my call sign I run over to it to reply

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I think that IF will have to make some sort of hot fix regarding the audio because of iOS 17 so I think I’ll wait to do the update

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Okay so it’s pretty weird, I was doing this atc training session and it wasn’t working so i restarted, still didn’t work so I just dealt with it. Immediately after is despawned, I spawned in to do a another training session, and now it works…

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Wait for a bit and it will bug again
I had it yesterday tought it was my device

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Should I hold off on updating it then, or…?

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That is probably the best idea for now

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I would say yes until we know a little more about that. Did a power cycle solve this? Or an IF reinstall?

Too many question I would wait if I didn’t already done it 💀

Yeah lol, Ille just wait till it’s reported to be fixed or something changes with it.

anddd its gone again