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I have a problem with the voice of ATC. I watched videos where there is a voice when you are sending a reqwest to the tower but i can’t hear anything when i comunicate with the tower. I just see the text. Can someone tell me if i need to turn it on or install something?


Try restarting your app. I’ve had issue likes that and restarting it always does the trick.


Is this enabled?

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Are you using speaker or headphones?

I restart it but it doesn’t work.

I check it but its amplified.


Check your headphones are working, and inserted correctly into your device, and that device volume is up (Not trying to insult your intelligence here but it’s worth saying)

If that doesn’t work, try the good old restart of both IF and your device, and re-install if necessary.

I did everything you wrote as early before register there.

List all of your device info when making a support request please

Asus zenpad 8 android 6.0.1

Change your device language to English, and test again.

If problem persist, please install Google voice from play store.

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I change it and it works. Thanks.

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Select that reply as the solution then. :)

Doesn’t seem like a fix to me, more like a workaround. I don’t think IF needs your general device language to be in English. Mine isn’t set to English either (although I use an iPhone if that changes the case).

Try changing the language back to what it was before. Does it stop working again? Seems strange to me.

Ok I change it back to my country language and again i can’t hear the voice of ATC but when I change it to Englesh it works.

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