ATC Voice

About 2 weeks ago stoped hearing the atc commands live. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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I’ve experienced it before restart and close all your other apps and that sorts it for me

I’ve had these issues. Just exit the app and jump back in to the loading screen

If you go into settings under audio is your ATC volume turned up?

What I would do is first off make sure you have ATC volume turne down inthe settings. Which is unlikely unless there’s a glitch that does that.

Next I would close out infinite flight and every other app, then restart your device.

If that does not work, then delete Infinite Flight and redownload it. If that doesn’t work or the problem keeps returning then I would email support directly.

Also, make sure you have at least 1 GB of storage available if possible.

I have had the same issue in the past as well.
iPad Air 1
IOS 9.3.5

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