ATC Voice problem

ATC Voice problem, so I’m on my android phone and when atc send me the instructions the voice is so cracked any idea what’s the problem?

If the voice sounds crackly, it might be a problem with the sound output on your device/headphones etc.

When atc says the instructions the voice is like so weird

Does sound from everything else come out fine? Like music, etc.

Everywhere is fine just IF

what voice is it and is it all instructions or certain words or what?

everywords are so weird like it’s speaking other languages but I set it to English so it’s so weird.

It happened to me once, I restart the game again and everything became normal after that.

@Captain_74gear try changing the accent of the ATC voice

Hey @Captain_74gear,

I faced a similar issue.You can check it here - No ATC voice by the end of my flight

Hope this helps you 😉

Cheers !

Alright thanks everyone!

Hey! The voices come from android, not infinite flight.

Ok interesting 😉

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