ATC voice or text ability in Live: Higher TS levels

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How awesome would it be to have Voice capability for ATC in Live or text if that’s not feasible? It would be nice to be able to communicate professionally with ATC & other pilots with flying, just like in the real world.

I know that trolls and immature folks who could abuse this is an issue so this feature would only be limited to higher TS levels. An idea though is that IFATC could maybe occasionally hold training sessions so folks on a lower TS level could practice using the ATC capabilities before they fly on a more advanced server. Inappropriate behavior = immediate ghosting.

Feel free to comment, thanks!

As surprising as it is, there are trolls that are higher grades in the sim and trust levels here. Nice idea though.


Thanks bro. Mb an idea is FDS could require folks who are eligible for a higher TS level to take an easy multiple choice test. It would be on basic flying rules and do’s / don’t’s in both IFR & VFR environments. For example, how to properly fly a rectangular flying pattern and follow ATC instructions. Basic knowledge but important. When ATC says “enter left downwind” or “right traffic approved” its important to know what that means.


I like the voice capability but thee are some drawbacks to this idea due to a language barrier between the ATC and the pilot(can be fixed with a translation feature)

Another thing as @kevin said, we should never judge a book by its cover because there can be trolls with higher ranks in the sim( G4,5 etc or TL3).

An idea: There can be a new server added for this feature for grade 3 pilots upwards and a tutorial to train the new chaps in the sim (G1, 2)

Good day.

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You know we have IFVATCS. It is dedicated to voice ATC, also it is troll proof.


But I believe it’s only limited to casual server (obvious reasons) so most of the traffic there isn’t “troll” proof ;).


Still, Translator can’t be fully realible as translator translates based on each words. Not full sentences and will translate it to different meaning and causes confusion among players 😉

I think this might be a good idea, but as @Ninetales 's link earlier, the moderation cost will be pretty high and like @Kizzyjet mentioned, not every people can speak English properly (One of the examples is me 😉).

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Hey, there are groups like this on Discord, I suggest you join IFSIM, it’s probably what your looking for, although they operate on casual server. 😉

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Its is limited to casual server but you would be surprised that we don’t run into to many trolls and if there is any trolls we just ignore them. As well, our community is very professional when it comes to VATC services and we follow real life procedures such as SIDs, STARs, IAPs, and ground charts and don’t let any trolls in our community. We understand if someone is just starting with VATC isn’t going to be as strong with it so we have a very helpful community which will be willing to help anyone who needs help.

Your English is really good :)

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IFVATCS is a good one for VATC

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