Atc voice not working

hey guys. We are taking a break from my the title says it all series in this topic. Im trying to decend into EGLL, and the ATC voice is gone! I would just read it, but ive done that before, and it failed! please help!!!

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Hey go into your in app settings > live > pilot voice > toggle a voice and return to your original voice and it should work again.

huh, it says no voices found? but I used IF yesterday and it worked perfectly!

Ahh so there are no voices to select from. That explains it then. You have to now go into your settings into your device and download the voices back. No sure what would cause this though. Strange.

Ok, but will that kick me out?

There’s a chance. If your talking with ATC I advise you to not.

Ok. How do I download them back?

Here’s a step-by-step guide sourced from Infinite Flight’s website:

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That’s my bad for not explaining that part. Settings > voices/accessibility > (another) voices and you should be able to re download.

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Ok, but I use android

Try this:
Settings > Language & input > Text-to-speech output, then tap on the gear next to “Google Text-to-speech Engine” and select “Install voice data”.


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Ok. Im about to start contacting tower so Ill try it after and will just have to read it

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Hey @EVO_G-vlogs_200,
I faced the same problem sometime back. You can have a look Here. This might help you :) @infiniteflight_17 has mentioned the same :)

Probably your phone is on silent.

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