ATC voice not working

Yesterday I was playing on live when I decided the ATC voice was too loud. I turned down the ATC volume in settings to 3/4 and I turned off my IPad. Later I went back on live and there wasn’t any atc voice at all. I turned the ATC volume up to full and had a browse through settings to see if there was something that might’ve caused it. I found nothing. Today I went on live and it was still not working. If anyone could help me with this I would be respectful
iOS 10 IPad Pro from late 2016 ( don’t know the type of IPad Pro.)

Make sure your device is not on mute

It is on half volume.

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But it still could be on mute:


The little red bell

There is a good thing and a bad thing about it being gone.
Good thing. It is no longer annoying
Bad thing. I sometimes miss instructions and land without clearance.

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Didn’t even know that was a button!

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Sometimes I have the same issue just try restarting your game a few times might work.


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