ATC Voice Issues

Hello guys, I have a problem with my IF that started this week, only my voice atc is mute, the others I hear normally


Are you on Android? If so…

As found in Support FAQ 2019 - Please read this before posting! please reference the following advice for Android ATC voice issues.

On October 8th, Google pushed an update for their TTS (text to speech) application used in many Android phones. This update can in some cases cause ATC voices to stop working for Infinite Flight. To resolve this issue, go to Settings β†’ Accessibility β†’ Text to speech output β†’ Install voice data.

Remove all voices that are possible to remove, then download & install them again. Specifically the English options. That should do the trick!

Note :
Depending on Android version, your TTS settings could be placed a bit differently. If you can’t find them using the steps above, try:
Settings β†’ General Management β†’ Language input β†’ Text to speech β†’ Cogwheel next to your preferred TTS engine.


Yes I use Android, thanks Chris, I will do that