ATC Voice issues iOS 17

The problem is that when I want to fly the plane in mid-air I have a problem with ATC because there is no sound, please help with the explanation.


Are you on iPadOS 17? (you can check via settings app → general → about)

Because if so, it appears someone else has a similar problem and is likely a result of something changing in the latest iPadOS iteration.

i think my ipadOS problem

Just to hop on here and say that I’ve reinstalled the app and seems to have worked so far, so maybe try that.

It Just Happened To Me Too! With The Fourth Generation iPad Air!
I tried it on a Ninth Generation iPad! But everything is going well there.

It’s been happening to me since I got iPad OS 17

Are everyone experiencing this using the same device model?

FYI - this have been recurring issue throughout many iOS releases and usually improves with iOS hotfixes etc.
On our end, there’s not much we can do except include the so called “iOS 17 SDK” which we will be doing as soon as it becomes available with our framework.

Apparently only with the Ipad Air, since the same thing didn’t happened on my ninth-generation iPad

4th gen, correct?

I have iPad Pro 6th gen

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Wild thinking;
Are you using the same voices on both devices?

Yes! Is Correct

Yes! Kate en-GB

Would you like me to try it with another voice to see if the same thing happens?

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FYI playing under VPN prevents me from hearing ATC on iPhone XR and 14.
Just my 2 cents in case of

But you see the text messages?

It can’t hurt.
I did see someone mention a reinstall helped too. Not sure how valid that is though but it could be a “last resort”.

Yes. And all of the others planes are identified as « unknown » but I can receive the text.

It only happens mid flight and can see the text but no more sound. I’ll try reinstalling

That’s an ENTIRELY different story. Not sure if you’ve seen those topics :)
But I’m assuming you’re using NordVPN - if so, change protocol to anything but “NordLynx”.

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