ATC Voice Disappeared (It is not important, but exist)

Today, the ATC voices are gone because too many ATC messages were sent at that moment.
It is not related to the Hotfix 20.03.04, because it only happened when ATC was extremely busy.
I am just wondering IF team can avoid this happened, maybe?
It is not a necessary problem, but it might cause some unlucky guys to get violations if they did not realise it, especially in the events.


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That’s absolutely true! Happened to me last night when i was flying to RJTT…

Yes, Just happened in RJTT at a moment ago!
It is lucky, this one happened after the landing.
Otherwise, really easy to ignore the ATC instruction and get a violation.

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Hey! sorry to hear your problem, by any chance, did you change the apps putting IF on 2nd plan?

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