ATC Voice choices

Hello fellow pilots.

Whilst watching numerous gameplay videos out there, I’m seeing people having the ability to use different ATC voices, and also their own within game communicating to ATC.

I’m on a Samsung TabA7 and I still don’t have the variety of ATC voices to choose from. Do I need to download an add on?

Many thanks.

No download needed, go Settings > Live > And scroll down to ATC voice options and yu can customise it there.

Hi Ben. I’ve just checked now, my only options are English ( GBR ) and English ( USA ) and both are in a female voice. I’ve seen many other pilots have a complete selection of accents.

Any Idea?

When you click on pilot voice (vour voice) it will show an array of voices, You will just have to go through and test them all out, some are Male voices some a Female, one selected you can tune it by adusting the voice pitch.

Only getting the two options unfortunately

hmmm thats weird, what version are you on? 21.5?

That’s correct

Sorry mate never seen this before, best to just wait for a staff member from Support to help out.

I’m sure there’s an app which can be your best friend: is the Google TTS (Text to Speech). In Android devices, this app allows you to download other voices, and the voices downloaded can appear in the game. The only language available for the game is the English though, but it gives a lot of variety as well as like the iOS.

Try that! Let me know if you have any questions :)

Follow these steps:

Go to your device Settings > System > Languages & Input > Speech > Text-to-speech > Select preferred engine and tap on the settings cog > Install voice data > Select the English voices you wish to use on Infinite Flight and download them > They should then become available in-app


Tried exactly that and no luck, but I’ll keep trying thanks :)

Google TTS does not show up in the play store. What is the specific name of the app? Thank you

Sorry lads, it’s now worked. Thank you all once again.

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