ATC voice changed after iOS update

When I recently updated my iOS, the ATC voice had changed. Anybody else got this problem?

iPad Air 2
Latest iOS
Latest version of IF


Yea…but it only says pushback in a weired way…maybe the voice lady had a rough night…


puuuushback ahahaha


Mine says
508: "American 508 ready for puuuuuuuuushback
ATC: “American 508 puuuuuuuushback approved expect runway 25L”
508: “Pushback approved”


Mine is quite like yours

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If you look at the iOS release notes, it says that it changed how pushback was said. I don’t think this is iOS, I think it’s the app.

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Yea, when I request pushback it says “puuushback”, but when ATC responds it says “pushback”

My siri, not atc, says push back like: pooish back

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When mine says SoCal is sounds like Sock-il

Etihad sounds like Etivad for me. ATC was fine for me earlier

Mine says pushback like Pashback and also it sais SoCal as SaCal.

No changes for me after any updates. The in-game voice has always mispronounced certain words for me though.

Crosswind = cross whined

SoCal = Sockle

Qantas = Cantus

Paris = Pawrus

Are a few that come to mind.

“Please contact Sockle Approach” still cracks me up 😂

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Mine Android ATC voice says:
“KLM11GL enter Left done wiend

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