ATC voice change

I’m posting this on general because I don’t think this belongs on support. But did anyone else notice that there are less ATC voice options available now? Or is that juts my device? This caught me by surprise as my usual voice was switched with a woman so I went to go change it and there are only like 5 voices available. Is this a new change?

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Shouldn’t be the case. I am still able to choose a lot. It might have been a bug

That’s odd. These are all my options. I’m not able to scroll

Try restarting your application and see if that changes anything

Hahaha too late I’m in flight. I’ll figure it out when I land tomorrow.

Sounds good. If it doesn’t fix itself it may be a good idea putting this in #support

Hi there! Try going into settings in your device if your on IOS and try the steps below.
→ go to accessibility in settings
→ click on the speech section and you should have all your voices and can download new voices.

Some people lost their voices downloaded after downloading an IOS update recently.


Oh that’s what it is. I literally updated my iPad less than an hour ago. Thank you!


Anytime! Glad I was able to assist you. Enjoy and clear skies!

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