ATC voice bug

So this has been happening for a while now, I’m on an Android Motorola G and the ATC voice is female as usual however it pronounces certain things in a weird way. For example instead of “Roger” it says “rowgur” instead of zero it says “oh”. Even call signs, All Nippon is All Neepone. Any help?

Maybe contact @Joe

This may be a known issue but, have you tried restarting your phone?

I’m pretty sure FDS can’t do anything about the TTS system on your phone. Most likely it is just because of the system your phone uses to pronounce things.

This sure comes up a lot. Unfortunately it’s more a device issue than anything else. Apple is locked down, and the enormous numbers of various Android devices with unique TTS functionality or firmware variants severely complicates things.
Anyway, it’s a well known subject. Thank you.