ATC Vocabulary

Hey guys, Emil here.

So this post will be about some standard ATC Vocabulary. I´ve seen multiple times that I, or another ATC sends a command but the Pilot doesn´t acknowledge, and just general posts on the Forum. So I figured I would try and clarify.

Most of these commands is just regularly by your Expert Server controller.

  • “Please Expedite”
    "Please Expedite means that you should expedite, basically Expedite means that you should hurry up. A “Please Expedite” command could be given while exiting or entering the runway, and also with Climbs and Descends, and also other cases where the controller wants you to hurry up. For example if you get a “Please Expedite” while exiting the runway means, that you should hurry up - Remember that when you are on the runway, you can go higher than 35 Knots GS.

  • “Extend Upwind”
    "Extend Upwind means that you maintain runway heading after Take Off for some time, it can also be used after a Go Around. Check this tutorial made by Tyler for more clarification

  • “Enter Hold”
    “Enter Hold” means that your Radar Controller has issued you a HOLD above an airport, VOR or Waypoint. It basically means that you will enter the hold, and should follow the issued HOLD as is stated on your map. When told to enter the hold, the HOLD will enter in your FPL. You stay in the HOLD until vectored out of it. Check out this tutorial by Tyler which explains it.

  • "Please file Flight Plan before taxiing"
    That basically means that you should file a Flight Plan before requesting pushback.
    If you don´t know how to file a Flight Plan, check out this awesome tutorial by Mark Denton here:

There is of course more, but this is just what I could think of. If I find some more, I´ll add it in later. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it! :)


Can you clarify something regarding Flight Plans? Just to ensure we are all on the same page.

Are the filing of flight plans supposed to be mandatory prior to requesting pushback and if not filed the controller will tell us to file one, or, is that command more used when an airport is busy and would help the controller work his departures better?


Of course.
It´s not mandatory to file a flight plan, as sometimes it´s nice to do just do some patterns. If it´s busy, the controller might want to instruct the pilots at his airport to file a Flight Plan before taxiing, simply to avoid the planes just to buzz around, and to actually know their intentions.

So no, under normal traffic flow, It´s not necessary to file a Flight Plan. But if the controllers says it (Which there might be a lot of different reasons for) you should file a flight plan.

Hope this clarifies it, let me know if you have any other questions. :)



  • Please expedite
    This means get your a$$ moving. Taxi as fast as possible. Exit runway as fast as possible. Move it.

  • Extend upwind
    Don’t turn base yet. Fly another mile or two. Stop being annoyingly impatient.

  • Enter Hold
    See that huge purple oval that just showed up on your map? Follow it in circles until told otherwise. Don’t try any smarta$$ moves.

  • Please file flight plan before taxiing
    File a damn flight plan so everyone knows where you’re going. It takes 3 taps max to file direct. Not that hard.

  • Don’t be a dumba$$


Oh how many swear words.



I think leaving it in #live:atc is fine. It’s not really teaching anything, only providing clarification on ATC phrases.


I did not opt for it as a tutorial, but more as a clarification


Haha. I lost autocorrect earlier. Anyway, thanks for the clarification. You too @emil.


Thanks for this Emil! Helps our work

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Extend upwind = don’t turn Crosswind yet… silly boy


True but definitely don’t turn base.


MaxSez: Flight Plans are required for all aircraft flying IMC and all "Commercial Aircraft! Failure to file a Flight Plan on IF if the Flight Terminates at a IFATC controlled airfield disrupts the systems advanced arrival function. Am sure you agree since the AIM is the IFATC’s bible.

(Good Post, Should be filed in Tutorial)


@AR_AR. “My man you KISS’ed it Again”. Good show brother, Max

I guess I agree, however some aircrafts just want to fly some patterns at your airport.

@emil. My friend; Controllers Control airspace like the Hiway Department controls roadsways. After all Airways are “Hi ways in the Sky”. FYI FAA is Floating a new requirement: “All GA & Trash Haulers must file, this includes experimental and home builts”. This rule chg is apparently the consequences of terrorist incidents. Max

(My Position: In Controlled airspace no plan no land! This includes GA)

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Hope ppl makes some sense about the thing wrote by Emil and give an opportunity for better flying and controlling experience

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@emil really appreciate your “Please Expedite” explanation.
This might help pilots whos exiting Rwy after command with 5kt.
Best regards


You won the internet today mate 😂

It really amazes me how many pilots don’t know the parts of the pattern.

Left and right traffic is defined by the turns you make in relation to the active runway. So, “left downwind” is the leg parallel to the runway, opposite direction of landing, but to the right of the runway as you look at it when on the downwind leg.

I can’t tell you how many times I see pilots already headed for the entry to the left-traffic pattern told to “enter left downwind” that then cross over into what is actually the right downwind leg because they interpret it as “go to the left of the runway”.

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Giving this a good ol bump. Needed.

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