ATC Visual Approach Commands

Just a note before I get into the explaining: All of the other feature requests related to this idea have already been closed

Ok, now for the good part. My idea is the ability for atc (specifically approach / center controllers) to have the ability to give visual approaches to their aircraft. This would include…
a) The ability to tell aircraft to expect the visual approach and for atc to choose the corresponding expect runway, similar to how they can tell aircraft to expect a runway for the ILS
b) To clear for the visual approach after giving appropriate vectors.

My main reasons for this are because as much as I love those ILS’s and GPS’s, smaller aircraft don’t use them nearly as frequently as larger commercial airliners, and even they don’t use them 100% of the time. I feel this addition will help make IF more realistic, and allow pilots to master their manual control skills! (aka making IF more hands on).

Feedback welcome below 👇👇👇 and comments!

Love the idea and would like it but all out of likes


Don’t worry, support is enough 😉


Would be, I assume, a very simple thing to implement into Infinite Flight. Love it! :)


Great idea, would be so helpful. Wish I had more votes :/

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I was also thinking that this would be more opportunity to practice real visual approaches as well, although I have no idea how to implement this part in IF.

The new scenery might help with that, but this is a start definitely

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As part of this request, I’d love:

  1. Pilot ability to request visual approach
  2. ATC to give command to expect visual approach (even if pilot hadn’t requested it)
  3. ATC to request pilot report airport in sight (and give command ‘airport at your 11 o’clock, report in sight’)
  4. Pilot be able to report airport in sight
  5. ATC clear aircraft for the 'visual approach, runway X, contact tower / Unicom)

Just thought of this.

Also the ability for ATC to deny it by saying “weather does not permit”.


MaxSez: Great Idea! One: IF VFR and Pilot Friendly ATC communication menu updates have been ignored for to long! Even the most recent Comm menu update emphasize Controller IFR guidance. Two; We recognize airliners are required to operate IFR by regulation. However, airlines now emphasize to a greater extent hands on operations in there initial, type & refresher training curricula due to mounting accident statistics. Hands on VFR Approaches and Departures are routinely flown daily by airlines WW. I heartedly support this recommendation. You have my vote. GA all the way!


I’m so surprised that this isn’t already a thing. I would have thought that the ATC gurus here would have demanded this by now.


That moment

KDCA TWR: SKYWEST 3411 number 1 cleared for the river visual Rwy 19

UAL3411: Cleared for the river visual SKYWEST 3411


I think this would be an awesome addition to infinite flight


I just realized I never inserted this link a few months ago… (thought it was in the original thread post).

And IFC isn’t letting me edit the original, so i’ll paste it here:

Just an article for those who don’t fully understand the concept and mechanics behind visual approaches. I thought wikipedia summed it up well.

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You have my support, thumbs up!

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This would be awesome, a break from those boring ILS or GPS approaches

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MaxSez: The request “Contact Approach” appears a more accurate discription for ATC communication with “Junk Trucks” who desire to break off a portion of their ILS procedure in relatively clear sky conditions with Runway in sight.
What say you duty experts?

(Info: @Reedgreat)

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I am no “duty expert” :) everything I know is from flight simming.

The hardest part of implementing this feature request is adding commands that are specific to individual approaches. I.e. “go direct to [insert_landmark_on_chart]”, or follow the river, etc. Although I am hopeful the updated scenery in Global will lead to some progression of the idea along this route.

To answer your question, I think we have to ask a IRL controller how they handle visual approaches alongside IFR procedures.

@Reedgreat… No intent to demean that Duty Expert(s) comment was ment for the masses who jump in where their not wanted. See Wiki for Contact Approach it cites the AIM as the source of this lawful procedure. I’ve only used Visual in GA & Military application. Hopefully we’ll see some Pilot friendly Comm menu chg with Global. Warm Regards cyber friend, Max

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This has been supposedly added! @moderators please close thx