Atc violation reports

I have never seen such a impatient ATC guys in IF . ATC are to guide , monitor and give clearances but there was no monitoring found as per me . And he was busy in reporting users at EGLL airport today . And as simple as that we can’t be on a expert server for 1 week . Before reporting monitor the flight we are paying something get us clearance to land not to report . Send me the link to share the video . Thank you

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Do you know who the controller was at the time?

Hi, if you were reported from 1500Z - 1725Z & the tower controller reported you, please PM me as I was the controller. Thanks!

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You’re not the one man , thank you it’s not buisness here

Do you know who’s the controller then? You can find them in your logbook.

Are here to judge ?

We’re not here to judge you whether you made a mistake or not. We’re just simply trying to get you in touch with the controller so that you can settle the issue with him in private.

Your other alternative is @appeals, if you really don’t want to share the controller’s username.

We are here to help you, not to judge.

I’d suggest contacting @appeals. They’ll be happy to help review your replay and wouldn’t cause any negative conflict between you and the controller, since at the end of the day none of us want to have an angry person at us when we were just doing our service of controlling the Expert Server.


It was that or @Davide_DC reported you

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So called atc mr Filipe , don’t he know basic to Monitor the flight path

@Filipe_Samuel_Braine is your guy. Please PM him and settle the issue in private. Remember, always be friendly, being disrespectful won’t help solve the issue.

As a side note, please avoid publicly shaming controllers. That isn’t tolerated on the IFC.

If you’d like to find a controller (in the future), the Controller Directory is a great place to look for the controller. Simply enter the respective controller’s display name into the search box and message them accordingly.

PS; Come 20.2, it would be easier to identify controllers as controllers will have their IFC username shown in game.


It’s your thinking buddy , whatever I don’t care but I want an answer everyone are paid , everyone has to be treated same . That’s all

There are many aspects to this. Please contact the controller directly or share your replay with @appeals for more information.