ATC view violation bug

I wanted to report this bug I faced yesterday while landing. I was landing on a runway like I would normally do and then I switched to ATC view to view my plane from another angle. The ATC view was still at another airport I think, as I used the view during flight. When changing to ATC view, I became the violation warning. I didn’t keep the view so I don’t get the violation, and therefore I am unsure whether or not I would have received it, if I would have stayed in that view. Here’s a video of it:

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Does it show in your logbook that you received a violation?

I didn’t! I left ATC view in time. I just wanted to report this bug, I didn’t suffer any consequences

Oh that’s ok then, I thought you received it.

Nice catch hope they can fix this

Great catch. It looks like your location depend on where your camera is.

Hm. But this wouldnt make sense, because the height and stuff is still the one of the plane (in the status bar).

If I was to make an educated guess, the reason this issue happens is that when you switch to the ATC Camera view which is far away, the simulator does not recognise that you are actually on a runway as it is not being rendered (recognised) from that far away. This causes the simulator to issue you a violation warning (as anything that’s not a runway is recognised as a taxiway; and taxiing at >35 knots issues a warning/violation).

Or it could be something completely different and I’m totally wrong.

Either way, I’ll see if I can reproduce this and if I can I’ll report it to the team. I doubt it’ll be a top-priority issue to fix, though. Thanks for reporting the issue.


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