ATC using charts??

Should atc approach and departure use charts?? If so, how?? I am curious because I have heard that ATC does use charts to vector people in and out of airports but I don"t know if it’s true. If so, could someone explain how because i’m interested. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post.


I use charts to check terrain around the airport. Sometimes Jeppessen has MVA charts which I use. Mostly I use otherwise I just google the name of the airport.

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When I’m training for radar(which I still am) I use to check terrain and if it doesn’t provide I try using the airport ICAO with approach chart(eg WSSS approach charts) to check terrain. is relatively new to me so yea

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Yes some do

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I would say MOST of the approach controllers for IFATC will review charts and or terrain maps of a location. We do not always use the approach plan that is outlined in the chart however due to traffic conflicts.

I was trying to find the thread that had a great explanation why this is…

But long story short, sometimes there is unrealistic traffic to an airport for some locations for the approach controller to provide an approach based on the chart. For approach, we are trying to find the best way to safely get all traffic into an airport, if we have to use our “pattern methods”, sometimes they will look greatly different than the real-life approach procedure.


If IF it’s not mandatory to use approach charts.
IFATCs need to consider the terrain, but there is no rule for us ensure pilots fly a real-life approach.

Some do try and stick with the approach charts, but many don’t.

How to read and use Approach charts is a skill you need to acquire. There are quite a few clips on YouTube about reading Approach charts

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It is hard to use charts when the pilots don’t use them… it kind of defeats the purpose. Personally I may refer to final approach charts and other charts but mainly to look at terrain - not to follow any specifics STAR or SID.

The volume of traffic we have is also not realistic, so… it’s complicated :). Maybe one day…


What I just do is search XXXX Charts and download them for potential future use.

I always use charts to the best of my ability in my controlling and flying. They are designed to deconflict traffic, not cause conflicts. The one problem is that not all pilots use them. I do have a series of methods that I use to accomodate all pilots.

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You’re right Hate to tap on someone’s icon and they have a 1150nm direct flight plan.

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