ATC Upgrade?

For ATC… I myself don’t have the privilege to serve on the advance section yet. But playing around and practicing on playground as ATC I was wondering if there were any chances on getting improvement on communication as ATC to make it more clear for people flying and making it more on the realistic side.

For example having peole have flight plans first before giving clearance to go anywhere (having the option to reject taxi/takeoff clearence without knowing if they are going to be VFR or have a destinstion).

Also say I’m working as ground ATC and an aircraft request permission to taxi to runway X on the other side of the airport instead of saying taxi to runway x contact tower when ready (which 90 percent of aircraft switch to tower right away) it would be cool to get an option to were we can add more instructions in one go imstead of Like aircraft x taxi to runway x cross runway x hold short contact tower on freq x. Or aircraft x follow company expect runway x monitor tower.

I know it’s probably hard BUT just an opinion as a future thing. Would be pretty cool. Would also be cool if tower and ground (app and tower) per airport can have a way to communicate to each other to let each other know what’s going on where and who’s doing what.

I know expecting a little BUT who knows maybe it’s probable. Thanks.

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Here’s the thread about taxiways and taxiway instructions.

Also, here is a discussion on in app ATC communication.

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Thanks for the link. Read over it. Great minds think alike. Love the idea. Ultimately up to top guns though like you said (for safety concerns). Like some of the comments have said though. Maybe in advance server it can be implemented to not have the complete restrictions of chats because to be an atc controller in advance you have to be a certain age either way!

Also a idea on top of your idea. If your an advance atc controller and already got promoted and lets say advance section is slow not many people on it. Those controllers that have gotten their promotion can have the chance to have that open communication on playground and others who do not have the pre selected communication. Would be good for training ones on playground that maybe want to take things seriously compared to others. Again just an idea but who knows.

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