ATC update [PFI & Check Help Pages]

With the new update it seems we have lost the ability to, say Follow Instruction and Check help pages. Now pilots ignore ATC preferred runways


I’m having the same issue here.

Are you guys lacking the actual command to select from, or is the command there but it doesn’t say anything?

We’re lacking the actual command, it’s not under “MISC.MESSAGES”.

You’re controlling from TS1, correct?

Correct, I’m on the Training Server.

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Alright. After doing a few small tests, it does appear that the “Please Follow Instructions & Check Help Pages” commands were removed from the Training Server side and is only available to IFATC members.

With that being said, there’s only so much that you can do with folks on the training server. If they don’t wish to follow instructions, thats fine. It may irritate you or make you frustrated, but use that energy of your to pursue becoming and IFATC member.

These two commands are still available along with more features at your disposal to make your experience all that much better.

Again, if you wish to use these commands then you must be part of the IFATC for the time being. I will confer with a FDS Staff member to ensure that this was the intention and ensure that this isn’t a bug.

Apologies for the inconvenience and have a wonderful day!


The commands are missing altogether

Oh man, that’s really unfortunate. I know you’re not pointing fingers or anything but what do we have to do with the trolls? Can’t they be punished?

I really hope it wasn’t removed totally but rather a bug.

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With no commands to let pilots know they are not following instructions, they don’t know they are doing wrong and cannot rectify there action, in turn not learning anything, and makes it not worth the hassle in doing ATC.


No because the Training Server is a “Training Environment”. Some folks may not be aware of what they are doing is incorrect, and some know what they are doing is wrong. Its very hard to moderate a training server when we can’t even tell who is doing what in a sincere manner or a trolling manner.

Hope that makes sense in the way that I explained it


So members wishing to perfect there ATC skills are being punished for the sake of the Trolls, and ruining our experience.

Like I said, I’m working to confirm to see if this is an issue or an intentional change but in the meantime, those commands are not available to you folks.


@DeerCrusher I get what you are saying, but if the whole point of TS is to train people dont you need to tell them they are wrong?

And his point, for the third or fourth time, is that we need to consult the devs and find out if this is a bug or if it was done on purpose. We understand the desire and need for it. Stay tuned…


Sorry I missed that…

After some discussion with a developer, it is confirmed that "PFI & Check Help Pages" commands were intentionally removed from those who control on the Training Server. Mainly due to the fact that these commands were being over used, abused, and were often misleading pilots. It has shown a degradation in their piloting abilities on the Expert Server after coming off the Training Server.

Many pilots have begun to ignore instructions and have complete disregard for the rules. This results in an increase in ghostings. An increase in ghostings can be a turnoff for someone who wants to fly on this flight sim for more than a few hours. By going to the source of the issue and cutting it out of the equation, it’ll help pilots out in the long run once they are able to gain access to the Expert Server and fly appropriately while respecting others that operating around them.

As we’ve already had some discussion which can seen in the above replies for the reason, I encourage you folks to use this opportunity to your advantage. If you are controlling and you happen to recognize that player’s name, send them a kind message here on the IFC, IFFG, or whatever social media platforms that may exist and let them know.

There are loads of tutorials that you can direct them to. Thanks again for the patience and the understanding. 🙂

These commands will remain unchanged for those on the Expert Server