ATC Unresponsive

I was on the training server performing KLAX-KSAN and I noticed both controllers at LAX (ground and tower) were unresponsive.
This was not only me as many other aircraft were trying to contact them. A new controller came and acquired both frequencies and the same thing happened. I ended changing my route and flying inbound for KSAN. 2 different controllers had this issue and I’m wondering if someone else got it

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The training server ATC can be sometimes low quality, sorry but we can’t help you on this one

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As long as this isn’t happening on Expert, there isn’t much you can do about it.

What’d be great though, since I also experienced this a couple times, is if ATC controllers would be kicked out of the frequency automatically if they wouldn’t reply for more than 3 to 5 minutes.

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Good idea. I’ve noticed this problem too.

Because this was on the training server all activities performed on this server should be viewed as someone training or practicing to become better at something. This may not always be the case, and folks could troll because they think they’re being funny as its a disservice to you enjoying your time on while flying on Infinite Flight.

With that being said, you did the right thing, to change your route and avoid the nuisances in its entirety. As you progress in your Infinite Flight career, you’ll gain access to the expert server if you meet the requirements, and you won’t be encountering this.

I think the unknown aircraft issue was resolved in the latest update that FDS pushed out last week. But its likely that you were shown up as an unknown and ATC has no way of contacting you or responding to you if you made contact with them already.

Hope this provides some insight and let me know if you have any other questions!

See you above the clouds! fog layer 😉


They are. After 2 minutes.


This could have been the reason as I’ve recently encountered the same situation and was able to fix it only by logging out of IF and rebooting the device.

thats just training server ATC, your just gonna have to deal with it, this will not happen on the expert server

I’ll be honest…

There were times when I was controlling at a small airport on Expert and I sort of just fell asleep due to being bored and tired.
It happens, and that’s now why I will usually never control after 10/11 my time.


…words no pilot on expert server wants to hear of their ATC XD

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Don’t worry he’s not part of IFATC anymore ;P


I’d give a sigh of relief if I didn’t feel guilty. I’m ex-IFATC material as well and trying currently to get my practical passed and return to the expert server and control again. Fingers crossed I don’t “fall asleep”

How was he removed from IFATC?
Poor quality?
I’m trying to get IFATC and want to know what not to do

It is hard for normal people to get remove though… Don’t be worried
Just chat less and control more : ) Good luck on your test, expert server is really something different and much more fun

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