ATC Unresponsive

This evening I was approaching and attempting to land in Orlando KMCO: When I reached Approach, I repeatedly [about 6 times] said my intentions for requesting approach, but I don’t believe @Jonathan_limento was receiving my calls inbound [18r ILS approach] as he kept requesting my intentions. Eventually after about 2-3 times of him asking for intentions I believe one of my call ins went through, and everything was fine.

Until… I was cleared to contact tower on 17L, (see pictures below), as I switched over and requested landing at 17L, I don’t believe it went through. I repeatedly requested with silence (maybe 4 times) tower eventually sent out contact request and airspace warnings, at about 500 feet, I aborted landing because I didn’t have clearance and both approach and tower were asking me to contact tower. I proceeded to go into go around/missed approach phase, and tried to recontact approach, with more silence.

I ended up ending the flight because I didn’t want to get ghosted for being unresponsive and not following instructions.

I am playing on an ipad pro, and the most up to date IF version. All my connect/server connections were green.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? See the pictures below for the complete communication transactions.

(As far back as it would let me go)


I’d suggest you privately message the controller. You were most likely “unkonwn” which means that ATC could not contact you. Not to worry though, ATC will do their best to work around you. The best thing to do in that situation is to just follow the traffic flow.

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Hello there, @Jshnlsn -

I got your PM - I’ll be responding to you shortly. :)


I didn’t get ghosted, I am trying to understand if this is a support issue and can be fixed, if this is a known issue, if this is something I need to do on my device to not have it happen again.

I messaged both the ATC guys to let them know, I am trying to hear if it is a support issue or not.


Per @Bobby being handled in a PM.

Just to reiterate, the Infinite Flight Team is actively testing and trying to track down some of these known issues. Sorry for the inconvenience. Best options in this case is to ensure that you follow all of the instructions, or you can divert to another airport if able and worse case is to end the flight. Thank you for sharing those screenshots and your professionalism.