ATC Unknown Aircraft Fix?


There may or may not be a topic or an answer for this. I searched, and didn’t find my exact question.

There is an extremely painful issue that happens while controlling when you lose your connection to the internet for even a tiny amount of time, causing most of your aircraft on your radar screen to show “Unknown” and ATC messages to non “Unknown” aircraft are not delivered.

Is this on FDS’s fix list? My home internet is based on a cellular home plan so there are tiny periods of time where the internet is down (less than a second) causing IF to produce this bug. Therefore controlling will be pretty much impossible for me until this bug is fixed.

If I disable WiFi and wait for IF to disconnect then re-enable WiFi it will fix itself. But this takes time, and you could miss an important ATC instruction etc.

Also, if there’s a temporary way I could avoid this, let me know!

Thanks, Reese

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Yes it is on their radar and is being looked out. It comes down to your stable internet.