Atc Unable to contact planes on airport

Today I had 2 major problems on London Heathrow tower.
1)the pilots were not getting my messages and many planes had to land without permission…pls could you help me with that problem
2)there were unknown flights on the taxiways which I could not contact but they could reach me

Please help me this is really bothering me and making me give up atc controlling.

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Hi there!

  • Which internet are you using?
  • Your connection might be not strong enough.
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As EGLL is normally crowded, a strong network connection would be essential. Also, as this likely on Training server are you sure pilots weren’t ignoring you or trolling?


This is due to connection issues, make sure you have a strong and stable internet conenction at all items. If this happens and your internet is fine according to yourself then restart the app and try again.

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Thx guys I will make sure I will use better internet connection
But are you sure the messages are not reaching the plane due to connection issues…is it also caused by low performance devices

I think there are some who don’t bother the atc on purpose…(except on expert mode) been doin some atc also…(ex: did atc ground, asking one of the pilot to back taxi but still continued to go to closed runway then took off

I feel someone will get upset at that, so I’m gonna correct you and say “expert server”😉

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If you are in a crowded airport your internet conection has to be strong, this could be the reason, scince i am not ATC that often i can not be scertain but this is my best guess, hopefully i was helpfull 😀😉❤️❤️

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That was helpful

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I was having the same problem but the other way around on approach to EHAM. I could hear the controllers but I don’t think they heard me. I had to exit the sim because of the comm breakdown. I was on full strength WiFi and the airspace was not terribly busy.

Rob O

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