ATC TWR Landing clearance question

I’m studying about ATC for IFATC. Today I went to expert server and did some pattern flights to actually see how it’s done. After the flight, I got some questions…

  1. When do you use ‘after the option, make right(left) traffic’ ?

During the flight, TWR just said ‘cleared for the option’ without ‘after the option~~’. But to the another aircraft doing touch and go on the other RWY, he said ‘cleared for the option, after the option, make ~ traffic’. What is the difference??

  1. Do I have to report touch and go inbound everytime I get airborne?? As I said above, I didn’t get info about which way I should go after touch and go. So I did touch and go inbound report to get pattern instructions. Is this correct??

  2. Finally… After I did touch and go two times, TWR told me to exit RWY and contact GND on taxiway. Does this means that I should make full stop and no more touch and gos??

You use this when an aircraft has not been given a traffic direction on that runway yet.

For example:

  • If an aircraft has changed runways and is receiving their first option clearance on the new runway
  • If an aircraft is inbound and receiving their first option clearance
  • If you’re changing an aircrafts traffic direction

If an aircraft has already gotten a traffic direction (in a takeoff or option clearance), it isn’t needed until they change runways or directions.

Did you receive a traffic direction with takeoff? If you did, fly that direction traffic pattern and no inbound call is needed. If you did not, it was controller error and you should call inbound again to notify them of their mistake

Yes it does. That being said, if you didn’t report full stop you shouldn’t have gotten one. Maybe you got slow and the controller assumed you were making a full stop?

If you know who the controller is, you should message them for more in depth answers!

I can try to help you come in contact with them if needed.

I hope this helps!


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