ATC Tutorial Guide

Tower / Ground

Note: IFATC applicants are encouraged to study each tutorial related to Tower / Ground.

Radar General




Help - The Basic Stuff
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This is brilliant! Thanks for taking the time to make this :)


Blood is rushing to one area. This is good. Thanks.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Awesome! This should really help those who want to increase their skills in controlling as well as those who want to become an IFATC! Thanks for this!


Excellent, now I got to practice this to find those commands quickly


These vids really helped. Thanks.

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Thanks. These tutorials help a lot.

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The question that I am concerned with is for depature. How can I accept or deny requests to climb to a certain feet? This is my downfall and I usually struggle with this problem on the Training server.

Accept just change altitude to that requested it will be the first in the list. Too deny just give them the altitude you want them to be at.

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Thanks for helping me! Dearly appreciated.

I am newer of ATC.

sitio, will read back later, some stuff that i have to learn

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Well what questions do you have? You may find the answer in the many video tutorials. If not, feel free to ask!

Thanks for making this list of tutorials available. I am not ATC, just a beginning pilot who has been very confused about how to interact with ATC. I had tried searching for these kind of tutorials but without the success your list makes possible. Viewing these tutorials has been a great help. I am sure I will have better interactions with ATC from now on.

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