ATC tutorial for pilots

Hi! I was just recently on ATC playground server on ground frequency. This guy joined (As a pilot) and he requested to taxi to runway 07L. It was in-active. I told him he had to taxi to runway 25R. It was open. But, he kept on asking me and asking me to taxi to runway 07L. Finally, he came off my frequency, and went on tower, and taxied to runway 07L. I gave him the warning to switch back to my frequency, but, he wouldn’t budge. I was going to give him a violation, but I did not know how to. Please help me! I suggest adding ATC tutorials for pilots. I checked his stats, and he already had 59 violations.

As an ATC on PG, you’re not able to ghost, which is the correct term to use. You have to be a Advance ATC to be able to ghost people that doesn’t follow instructions, just like the one you mentioned, but only on the Advance Server.

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Get into touch with one of the ATC recruiters. He’ll tell you on how to become an ATC in Advanced.

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If you want to get in touch with the Recruiters for any help!

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Technically, no runways are closed, they are just “in-active” due to the wind factors. And yes, it does become annoying.

And yes, I agree that there should be some tutorial explaining to pilots that are joining the ATC PG server that they have to follow instructions and all this rules that are not present in the FF Server.

Everyone, he doesn’t mention that he wants to join the Advance ATC team, he’s saying that there should be some tutorials for the pilots entering ATC PG Server (Just a reminder)

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True but if it’s high wind conditions take off can be a bit haphazard. Had a guy crash on the runway once because he was landing downwind and he didn’t despawn for five minutes so I had to redirect traffic to a small runway.

After all, it’s at the controller’s discretion which runway to use. A perfect example is Aspen (KASE). It realistically usse runway 33 for departures and 15 for arrivals, no matter what the wind conditions are. Sometimes 15 is used for departures as well, I avoid it. I guess every controller will have an eye on the wind conditions to please every pilot, though.

yes it is VERY annoying

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