ATC Try-Outs

Lately there have been a good amount of people requesting to try out to be an ATC on the Advanced Server. Below is a list of things you should know before you try out.

• Clearance (to… land, takeoff, touch & go, option, ILS)
• Sequencing (Putting traffic in order.)
• Right of way (who gives way to who when directing ground traffic)
• Spacing of traffic
• Frequencies (know the difference between ground, tower, approach, departure, ATIS, and center. Know where each frequency operates and when a plane is handed off to the other frequency)
• Pushback
• Taxi
• Holding short
• Line up and wait
• Pattern terms (downwind, base, final. Difference between left/right downwind, etc.)
• Vectors (speed, heading, and altitude assignments)
• Respond to pilots with Misc. Messages (This is mainly to control behavior. Do not taxi through grass, no pattern work at this time, you were already told to change frequency, check ATIS frequency for airport information, etc…)
• Broadcasting messages (Attention all aircraft…: airport is busy, expect delays, only request takeoff when 1st in line, San Clemente tower is closing in 5 minutes, only request ILS approaches, etc.)

If you are waiting to or thinking about testing, make sure you know the definition of these terms. Know what they are, exactly how to use them, and when to use them. It saves everyone time if you learn these on your own time / on the playground server before you fail your test and have to do it again.

Besides your knowledge of these terms and ability to control with judgement, we will be assessing your maturity and judgment. With the ability to control on the advanced server, you will also be granted ghosting powers. We want to ensure that these powers don’t get abused. A controller should know what type of behavior deserves a soft, 10 minute, or 60 minute ghost.

So please, think twice before sending a test request. Be ready when to perform when you try out. The playground server is your training grounds. Again, all try-out requests should be sent to @Tyler_Shelton, @John_Preston21, Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky, or @Axel_Beder They will issue you your written exam. You will then be observed in action if you pass the test.


Sean Wangnick
ATC Supervisor


Hi any chance you can test me-Thanks Anyway😀

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I’m trying to encourage an I.F friend of mine to do this this…but he’s more interested in teaching ppl with low XP how to fly and use of ATC…but he’s excellent at it all…

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Any chance of having a test @Tyler_Shelton, new to IF but am a PPL holder and work in the skies, so to speak.

Hi New here loving the atc would love a try out ,can someone help me on how to send a message to Tyler to get a try out thanks

Find Tyler Shelton’s profile either by clicking Users and finding him in the list, or click on his tagged name in the other posts of this topic. There is a button that will allow you to directly send him a message.


Unable to send a direct message to you @Tyler_Shelton, could I please take the ATC written test.



Just find a post where he is tagged and click “Message”


Alternatively you can go to Users and find him, then send a message.

Hello, how can I be considered to be an Air Traffic Controller? I have been a flight enthusiasts since I was a kid and I am a real word private pilot. If considered I can bring the professionalism and expertise that you are looking for in your controllers

Hi @Swang007,

Thanks for your reply, unfortunately there is no message option for me as per your screenshot, perhaps because I am a new member. I will wait and see if @Tyler_Shelton notices hes been tagged.

Thanks again,


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You can send private messages only when you are promoted to trust level 1 on those forum. To be trust lvl 1, you need to spend 10min on the forum, read 5 topics and read 15 posts total.

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Hi @philippe,

Thank you very much, I’ll wait until then.


Thank you for providing the detailed ATC testing punch-list. This link may be helpful to those looking to learn basic airfield traffic patterns. Airfield traffic pattern - Wikipedia

We would love to have you on board. What is your username in IF?

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My username is Cameron McAllister, Thanks

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Thks for the info


I am interested in taiking the ATC controller test. I am a experienced pilot and have been playing for a long time.


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Hey! I’d like to make the test! Who is the person I’ve to contact? ??

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@Tyler_Shelton I’d love to take the tests to go onto the advanced server. Let me know what I have to do.

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He’s away until tomorrow😀 You will probably have to take a practical and written exam-That’s unless it is going to change because the written exam has actually been halted at the moment. An announcement will be made when it is available again😀