ATC trouble

Hello Infinite Flight support team,

Earlier today, I was doing a flight from Paris (CDG) - Salt lake City (SLC). It was a normal flight scheduled to take around ten hours. (I was Delta 6824).

I was coming in for final approach when I realized I was awfully close to the plane next to me so the ATC (Nanadukes14) was SLC approach did what a normal ATC would do, to make me execute a missed approach.
IMG_6051 ← Photo of proof is there.

I cooperated, climbed to 11,000 feet, and turned to head 60 degrees. I was fine with that because that’s just their job. But after 3 minutes of being patient, I thought he forgot about me and realizing I had a limited amount of fuel, I made a call for emergency fuel, I had about 25 minutes remaining.
IMG_6050 ← Proof here.

5 minutes later he still hadn’t responded to me, but he was responding to others in the area so I thought that was a little weird, so I called in for Emergency fuel again.
IMG_6049 <---- Proof here.

At this point, I was getting a little angry because he was responding to everyone else in the area but was specifically not responding to me. So three minutes later I checked in with him, and shortly after I called for emergency fuel again because I only had eighteen minutes left of fuel.
IMG_6048 (1)
Proof there ^^

At this point now, I knew he was purposely ignoring me because I called in multiple times, he responded to the plane next to me but still not me. Let’s keep in mind there weren’t many planes in the area (Proof below of how not busy it was). So, after I requested an approach, doing everything that seemed logical at the time to get him to just acknowledge me.

Proof ^^

At this point, I was infuriated because I knew I probably wasn’t going to make it back in time, but I was still in the game wasting my time to collect proof for you guys to take action on. So, 2 minutes later I called for Emergency fuel AGAIN, and still no response. But he was responding to others in the area. And shortly after I checked in with him.
IMG_6053 (1)

Proof ^^

2 minutes later I sent a Request Approach request. Still, nothing but he’s responding to others of course.

Proof ^^

About a minute after I WAS DESPERATE to get a response from him because I spent so much time on this flight and it was my first flight back after starting school because yesterday was the first day I wasn’t busy. I sent an Emergency fuel request again. I had 13 min of fuel left. Still no response, he was leaving me for the ground to take me. I was so tempted to just do what I wanted and turn the direction on the runway but I knew I would’ve been kicked out and had a violation and what I’m writing now would’ve been ignored. (What happened last time to me in IF).

And I called again.

And again.

And then he left. I knew I had been successfully played by Nanadukes14.

Proof ^^

So after I rushed back to the airport with 8 minutes remaining after it was estimated to take 20. But I kept on flying so you guys would believe this time. Obviously, I didn’t make it, I stalled and crashed.

Proof ^^

Anyways, it was kind of a bummer wasting my time on this. I just hope you guys take proper action on this ATC for ignoring me. If you guys do. What is the ATC protocol for this? Do you guys train people to ignore others like this? I would like a response on this, and I want to know the repercussions for the ATC.

Jonathan du Plessis
Jonathan_D (IF user).

I’m not an ATC, staff or anything like that, but I do have real world experience.

I totally understand how frustrating this would have been for you. That said, once it became apparent that you weren’t getting an answer from the controller, it probably would’ve been wise to divert to a nearby airfield and save the 300 odd lives on board.

I’m not familiar with the Salt Lake area but I’d imagine there is another airfield around there which can accept a heavy aircraft. Perhaps in future, should this happen to you again, request a frequency change and divert yourself to an alternative airfield.

The other option would, arguably, be better fuel planning. Arriving at your destination with only 30 minutes is not the best idea. I’d suggest using SimBrief, if you don’t already, as it using extremely accurate flight planning software to generate fuel figures and probably would’ve avoided you getting stuck in this situation. It also generates suitable alternative destinations for exactly this scenario, and adds in diversion fuel to suit.

With all that said, I do see the frustration in your situation. I’d imagine the airspace was busy but to ignore or not see an emergency aircraft does appear slightly unprofessional.

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Was this on training or expert server? If this was training server, people are allowed to control with or without training. If this was on expert, (which I can see KSLC is controlled right now) then you should talk to the controller personally, in private via DMS.

Hello! As an IFATC controller myself, ever since the new update me and a few other controllers have had pilots messaging us telling us we are ignoring them even though we had been receiving no messages from them. Your best bet is to check with the controller and see if he received any of these messages. If he hasn’t received any of the messages then it’s definitely a bug which i’ve already made a topic on.

Thanks for the tip. How much extra fuel do you suggest I should have in circumstances like these?

I understand but why would he just leave me like that without any instruction?

This was on Expert Server, If it was training server I would’ve understood.

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The same reason he said that ATC may not receive messages. The planes may not load.

Hello @Jonathan_D

It’s highly unlikely that any IFATC will purposely ignore any pilot. We’ll investigate this and review both replays and shed some lights on what happened. Please check your inbox for further communication. Thanks!