ATC trolling

Today I was flying in to MMMX in a 767-200 and it took me 35 minutes to realize that Mexico city approach was trolling me. I first contacted approach at around 12:30 and requested radar vectors for MMMX any runway, approach puts me on right base for runway 05L or 05R not exactly sure. Then he never says clear for approach or anything and let’s keep go like 10 miles past. Finally he tells me to go on right downwind for runway 23L. He brings like 50 miles past the approach lines. I’m thinking that he’s just forgetting about me so I check in,then he puts me on right base and does the same thing he did to me on right base for runway 05L. Everytime I got close to being on approach je would say that the runway was closed and give me vectors for the other runway(05L). He does this about 5 times to me and that took about 35 minutes. I then raged quit after he threatened to ghost me for trying to land.



If this was on Expert, you should contact the Controller.
If this was on Training…well…I guess the Controller was just learning. Follow the instructions as best as you can.

There is a bug in IF related to Radar Vectors. When an ATC wants to give you Radar Vectors for a specific runway, IF communicates: ‘requested runway is closed, expect vectors for runway xx’.


Did he possibly say “missed approach” during these transmissions? You may have been missing the localizer.


This would put the incident on Expert.

If I were you @F22 I’d PM the controller for more information. I believe the incident happened at 1230 EDT? If that’s the case the controller would be @MannyG or @Trio. If you have a screenshot of the comm log it would be even better.



If this was expert server I doubt it was trolling…such as was stated earlier if this was TS then…i’ve been on expert and the controller has vectored me way back to almost where I initially contacted them 🤣🤣

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Certainly not trolling. And no, this was not me.

ATC on the expert doesn’t troll. If they did, they would no longer be a controller because that’s now how they’re trained. The controller at the time was @jakcharvat. If you or any one else had further issues, be kind and send him a private message. If you’re offering feedback, be considerate and respectful in how you formulate your responses.