ATC trolling? "Training Server"

i spawned at Dubai Airport, checked the frequency and there was no ATC! after i finished my flight plane i checked again and still there was no ATC, there’s literally no traffic i used unicom reporting my position from taxi to Holding short and then cleared for takeoff departing xxx,… once i was lined up on the runway all of sudden ATC shows up out of nowhere to tell me that i am not cleared for takeoff and i should hold position!!! alright that’s great so i kept moving until i got to the nearest taxi way to get off the runway only to get another call saying you are on active airspace contact ground!! and i did, and then i was told to give way so i looked around me again to double check but there was no other plane but mine and another one that was far standing at gate!!

at that point i just restarted the game and spawned at another airport, it’s the second time this happened to me, at first i was on approach to Muscat International airport without approach ATC and Tower until i landed on the runway when suddenly i got instructions from Tower to contact ground,.

i wonder if some players take over ATC only to click some commands and stay for a minute and then jump to control another Airport?!!

The problem is, you’re learning how to interact with ATC…

You should have held position, like instructed. He likely left because the aircraft in the airspace were like you, not following instructions.

Depends on where you were, after an instruction to contact ground some may on guard if the aircraft doesn’t change frequency after exit or an exit instruction was never able to be given (the exit instructions includes an instruction to contact ground when on the taxiway). The training server controllers are very limited due to the fact that they have no way to make you follow instructions or warn you of when you are not following instructions.

The ATC on the training server are learning so do not expect quality/perfect service from all, your experience will vary. It is very likely also that your poor experience may be by your own doing because you also do not know all of the rules to follow.


Also, he likely told you to hold position because he probably opened just before you entered the runway/or holding short, you began takeoff roll, then he gave the hold position because he never issued you a clearance. It’s an awkward postion to be in as Tower.

At which point, wouldn’t it just make sense to leave the one departing aircraft on the runway alone? And start working with everyone else? Honestly if I were in his same position, I wouldve preferred the atc let me depart in peace rather than give me a hold position after I’ve started my take off roll, when the guy/gal just opened the session.

It’s dependant on the situation but you defiantly should leave the aircraft alone if you just opened, if there’s no conflict to avoid.


Trolling requires malicious intent.

On the traing server, controllers are learning, and may have had no formal training at all. We all know the crazy things they do on TS, but I don’t think the majority is any more than inexperience.

There’s a thread about this just about every day. There’s really nothing that can be done.

If it offers any solace, some joker changed his name to mine and controlled KLAX the other day, doing many of these things. So, things could be worse…people could think it was you.

And, guy who used my name, if you read this, I’d highly suggest you not do it again.

He likely left because the aircraft in the airspace were like you, not following instructions” there was no other aircrafts in the airspace but me and there was no ATC until i was lined up on the runway so i was using Unicom, why are you assuming that i wasn’t following instructions? i was doing the correct thing using the Unicom when ATC wasn’t available i was reporting my position before i made any move, and about held position my aircraft was almost reaching 50/60 kts on the runway after i linedup and was about to increase speed for takeoff when Tower suddenly login out of nowhere so i did in fact EXITED THE RUNWAY when they give me instructions as soon as possible i aborted takeoff put on the breaks to reduce speed and exit the runway or do you want me to hold on the runway!!,.

and sir i know very well how to interact with ATC i do play as ATC between time to time myself you are assuming that i am learning, i am already a grade 2 with 62 flight hours 44 landings and only one violation, as i am trying to follow the rules as much as i could,.

you are making it sounds like i was not following the instructions when i was actually reporting my position from the get go using Unicom as advised by the community when ATC wasn’t available and the airport/airspace was empty.

and i am sure he didn’t open before i entered the runway/or holding short, when i was holding short i took enough time before i used Unicom to clear myself for takeoff i even looked at the airspace map again to double check see if there’s any aircraft inbound for landing since they can use Unicom in case no ATC is available, only then i cleared myself for takeoff and entered the runway linedup and started to add throttle when Tower suddenly get in… if Tower login before i was on the runway they would have told me me to hold position but i was on the runway already with the engines getting fired up and get told that i am not cleared for takeoff all of sudden! i can’t just stop and hold on the runway i have to exist and do the procedure all over again but when i heard what the ground controller said i knew they are just playing around,.

even few minutes ago i was at FL300 flying to Frankfurt when i got a callout that i am in active airspace to contact tower!! contacting Tower at FL300!!!