ATC trolling @KONT


Yup I found another player who just doesn’t care about atc or other people
Luckily not much traffic that day


Looks like Training based on the airports being opened and closed, so unfortunately not much can be done…


I understand but pilots should know better


Hah you know what they say

No adherence, Yeet their clearance

Yeah it’s training, not much can be done

btw I love your callsign


Training is training. Expert is Expert.
Unfortunately, there’s some trolls, ATCs/pilots.


report them to mods. Training is not same as trolling. Learning and trolling is totally different and easy to spot.


Check this out:


Damn, beat me to it!

Yes please check out that thread that our Wonderful Tim B created. TS is a training ground, so there are a bunch of trolls, and inexperienced pilots on there. Join IFATC to control on expert, with more experienced pilots.


I know, but I think those idiots should play in casual.