ATC transmission log

I’ve never seen the controls an ATC has other than in a couple of videos.
Does an ATC also have transmission logs?
I was wondering 'cause while on the advanced server I asked for take off with remaining in the pattern. When I was cleared and entered down wind I was asked what my intentions were.
Did the ATC loose track because it was crowded, or is there an easy way to look at previously sent messeges, like the pilots have, that the ATC could have used?

If you mean logs for the messages sent and received then yes, they do. However its not as “neat” as pilots’ log. It can cause them to lose track of messages sent and received, and that can lead to sending “say intentions” or “follow instructions”. You get what I mean.


Controllers have logs too. If you’re not sure about a controller’s decision, try to pm them and see if they can clarify this.

That said, if this was a playground server, anyone can control there, so the chances of someone doing things improperly are higher

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Forgot to mention it was on the advanced server. Sorry. Edited the original post.

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There is both a total log and a pilot log ATC can see. Your log would contain what your after though. To my knowledge the logs aren’t stored. So unless they took a screen shot they wouldn’t have it.

No worries; in this case best to try and pm them, as I mentioned earlier :) the interface that we have for logs is smaller and with lots of traffic can be harder to track but still usable.

One thing to add is that when we ask for intentions, it’s not a reprimand. For whatever reason, the controller is unsure what your intended actions are and are simply seeking clarification. In this case you can report your position relative to the runway and say ‘touch and go’ if you want to keep doing patterns, or ‘full stop’ if you are done with your pattern work and want to land

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This was the first time I was cleared for something and when I executed what I was cleared for I was asked what my intentions were. Was a bit confusing. Can’t remember who was controlling.
As far as I know I can see my flights, but not the ATC’s that were active at the airports. Is that correct?

That’s exactly what I did.
It does sound like a reprimand.
But so does: “You’re in an active airspace!” when a controller starts a shift suddenly when you were using unicom. :) It always startles me. :)

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I agree, hahah; unfortunately it’s as much a fault of the native voice inbuilt into devices. I doubt there’s an “angry and nagging” setting in the IF code :D

And yes, there are no logbook entries or records of who was controlling when - at least in the app itself. That said, FDS have internal records for this, so if something went really wrong they still can trace it back (the report does need to be timely) and investigate

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No flight plan. I was doing, and cleared for, pattern work, so no plan needed.

That does not include pattern work. When you are remaining in the pattern a flight plan is not always neccesary, a flight plan is more essential when there is use of an approach / Center controller :)

@Jan_Polet us controllers do have transition logs, but it sounds like the controller got confused. When the airspace is busy it’s quite easy to mix up which aircraft are departing out and which are remaining in the pattern (it helps if people departing would change frequency quickly) Just report your position when they ask for intentions and they will realise their mistake and sequence you :)

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hmm, sometimes i think it might be that you disappeared on their radar. It could be them disconnecting slightly, either way, it might be some network issue.

When that happens, you are kinda back in a default state, never been issue an intention and cleared for anything.

And they might want to ask your intentions because, you need to state an intention for them to issue the specific clearance. I guess, this is them actively telling you they need your help to let them clear you again, so it appears on their screen as cleared instead of the empty black abyss under your tab.

So sometimes when people disconnect and comes back, i’ll want their intentions again so i can clear them for approach. On the other hand, i am understanding that people who disconnected asked me for clearance multiple times because they disconnect all so often.

Then agian, im still only a PG ATC =< i cant speak for Adv ATCs.