ATC training

Hello everyone,

I just passed my written test and am now preparing for the practical test. I was wondering if anyone is keen to join. If so, maybe i’ll start a thread.

Congratulations on passing your written test! Now that you’re prepping for the practical, I strongly recommend asking your recruiter for a trainer. IFATC has official trainers who are fully prepared to help you join our team.

This is just a quick heads-up, but your recruiter can give you all the details.

Good luck with your tests, and we hope to see you on the team soon!

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Congratulations! @Avean

If you would like to get some extra practice before starting your training or practical test, feel free to create an ATC tracking thread. This will let people know when you are open and fly for you if free. Here is the guide: A Guide To Creating An ATC Tracking Thread

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