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Hi, I have applied for ATC training application though I am sure it hasn’t been accepted due to my requirements. I want to DM an atc trainer who lives close to Timezone (Zulu+1) for further information. Thanks


If your request was sent before April 8 it is not visible to us.

Requirements to submit a training request are listed on the ATC training thread. These requirements are:

If you meet these requirements and are not in contact with another trainer, please submit another form.

If not, make sure you meet all of them before submitting a form.


Hi Will, I sent my application about 2 weeks ago so it won’t be visible? do I need to send another?

P.s. no trainer has contacted me yet.

If you meet all the requirements listed above then you may submit another request.

A trainer will be in contact at their earliest convenience.

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Ok Cheers, this topic may be closed now :)

I tried applying but when I put I scored below an 80% it didn’t allow me to proceed further.

Changes were made. 🙂

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