ATC Training

Have you met all requirements?

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yes I do. I failed my written recently so yeah.

How many percent?

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I failed with 76%

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Oh if then you seem to fit for training, I’m also not sure why they haven’t contacted you.

Good luck!

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So you applied before the application closed for a bit?

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yes @TRDubh

Hmm, that’s a bit odd. I’d say to maybe wait a few more days and then maybe ask your recruiter about it.

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If it’s been that long your request was probably lost in our queue, so feel free to send another one in.


Hi, I’ve sent in my application, the session I requested for is today but I still haven’t got a response. What should I do? Thanks 🙂

Hi @TheAviationGallery ,

This is what you should do:

A trainer will contact you once you’re picked. If no one has reached out in 7 days, send a message to your recruiter and he will deal with it.


Hey please could apply for a training session as I have achieved 68%on my exam?

Yes. Fill out a form and a trainer will get back to you.


Where is the form thank you

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It’s linked right in the original post


Okay I have filled the form thank you


I got 73% but I am 13… I have to wait for a year.

Don’t you have to be 14 to contact a recruiter?

I think he might be talking about the ATC Practice Test.

I’ll let him answer that question himself. @Austrian001