ATC Training

I’m going to do a +1 to what Yaser said.
I’m adding operations in the training server and would like to join IFATC soon but I’m not level TL1 on the community. If you can give me a hand with that I’d appreciate it.

Great community, loving it so far!


You are TL1 :)


Thank you, appreciated!


Hi, i got 66 percent on my practise atc test does this mean I’m through?



Unfortunately, the practice test does not count towards the requirement for ATC Training. While it’s a good indicator of how well you’d do on the real deal, you need to have scored at least 65% on the official exam that was issued to you by an ATC Recruiter. Please feel free to ask if you have any further questions. :)

Good luck!


Just to clarify, you need to get at least a 65% on the written test to qualify for training. That isn’t a passing score though, and you’ll need to retake the written and get at least an 80% to pass.

@TaipeiGuru listed everything else you need to know!


Okay thank you I will aim to complete the course:)


May 15 2020 • 1320Z

ATC Training is suspended for NEW applicants until May 22 2020.

This break in new applications will allow our team to focus their efforts on current trainees as we finish up their journey. Our goal is always quality over quantity! We hope to offer you the best training experience possible by ensuring our team is fresh and not overloaded.

Applicants who already submitted an application and are in a pending status will still be contacted to begin training.


Few I already submitted a application before it was closed just about to break a sweat 😅.


Wow! I try to fly in some training sessions. There is always an opportunity to fly to help with ATC training. Many sessions are taking place daily. The demand is very high. 😨


Hello dear infinite flyers
looking forward to become an expert ATC with your beautiful community.


Hi, Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community!

Hoping to see you controlling expert server soon.


Completed my IFATC written test with 88% my age is 18! Can I get a trainer?

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Fill out the form in the original post and a controller will get in touch with you :)


I’m probably posting this in the wrong place. Just a friendly recommendation. Now that I’ve had a lot of time on my hands, I just wanted to let ATC controllers know that there are a lot of approach controllers giving vectors to an ILS approach with a too high of an altitude that intercept localizer well above glide slope. No worries here but figured it could be used for future training. If this is in the wrong place someone can forward it.

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At some airports, in particular airports with parallel runways, radar controllers cab give intercepts at 4000 feet so that aircraft maintain vertical separation. For example, in Sydney, the 16R ILS would be cleared at 3,000 feet, and 16L at 4,000 feet. It’s for separation purposes.

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask.

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As long as you are below the glide slope before intercepting the localizer then it’s acceptable. If you’re above the glide slope then that’s a major issue. We train controllers what to do so that you’re not either too high above the glide slope for where you are intercepting or intercepting the glide slope and localizer simultaneously.


I have entered the ils, even before being established on the localizer with glide slope showing full deflection below the aircraft.

I’ll PM you with some other questions.

I am now writing because it has been 13 days since I applicated for training. I haven’t heard from anyone.