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I’ll let him answer that question himself. @Austrian001

This is really getting weird. I sent in another Application and It has been 8 days and I literally haven’t gotten contacted.

does anyone know whp IFJ-Solstice is

or Captn Collin

You can find the controllers here:

Change effective 26 June 2020

Training Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be in the ATC Recruiting process, have successfully passed the ATC Written Knowledge Exam, and have completed at least one ATC Practical Exam.

If you’re already in the Training Program the above change does not apply to you. Any members who have not yet applied for ATC Training must pass the ATC written knowledge exam on their own and will have one failed ATC Practical Exam to qualify for additional training assistance. Don’t forget to use all available resources like The Perfect ATC Test video tutorial and the new ATC Manual..


Thanks for the new changes!

One thing I wanted to clarify is that some people may be worried about taking the test without training because they don’t want to have to wait 2-3 weeks if they fail.
If you fail and apply for training, and you improve your skills to the point where your trainer sees you ready to take the test before the waiting period is over, you can bypass the waiting period. But remember, slow and steady wins the race :)


Hey everyone. Just reached grade 3 and have submitted my application to start ATC training via the form. I regularly control at EGLL and KLAX on the training server and have over 1,500 operations.

I’m training for my PPL in real life. 21 hours in so almost half way there! I’m from the U.K. but live in Brussels, Belgium.

Looking forward to starting the training process soon and connecting with other ATC candidates and trainers


That’s great news. I would personally recommend staying away from the big airports such as EGLL, KLAX, KJFK etc. on the Training Server if you are practicing for IFATC and instead utilising an ATC tracking thread if you haven’t done so already.

Can’t wait to hopefully see you one day apart of the IFATC team!


Thanks, Declan. Some good advice there. I’ve mostly stayed with the larger airports as it has allowed for more experience in a shorter time frame and now find I’m able to manage a decent level of operations without too much concern.

However, I’ll definitely be checking out some of the ATC tracking threads as you’ve suggested so that I can get experience elsewhere too and in different environments.


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Larger airports are good to get your operations count up.
When I wasn’t ifatc I opened at both types just to keep the operations count up, all I could do was provide the correct service, however it’s up to the pilots to listen or not.
Here are the airports I used:
Try focus on tower and ground, however you can also use approach :)

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Finally passed the written, took a practical, got the feedback. Excited for training! :)

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I passed my written test about two weeks ago and I did my practical test exactly 8 days ago and I didn’t pass. Right after the test I filled out the application for ATC Training and I still haven’t got a response since then.
It has been 8 days so can someone please help me out and tell me what to do because I don’t know if I should fill it out again because it says not to do that.

Hey! Did your recruiter say he or she would sign you up for training? My one did.

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I would check with your recruiter and ask if the application was received in that case.

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He asked me if I’m interested in enrolling in training and linked this post. I then applied from here

Ah, ok, my recruiter put me down for training himself. You’ll probably get a response soon enough.

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If you haven’t received a response after 7 days, contact your recuriter, they should be able to help.

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wait hold on, where does it say it requires 14 years of age? i thought I saw it somewhere…

On this post here, second bullet point.

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