ATC Training

Correct. If you fail three times with either exam, the process resets after a six month waiting period.

Minimum 65% to qualify for training. 80% to pass the written.

Yeah, it’s pretty swank.


So If I got more than 65% in the written, I can be in the training process?

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Yes that is what Josh said :)


I’m excited! Less than a month till I turn 14 which means I can finally apply to be a controller, super excited! I also love that new pfp and banner, great job Tyler!


I got a 73%, but I just turned 13, so it’ll be a while. :(

Hello @Yaser!

According to your profile, you are a “basic user” or TL1. You were granted it about 10 minutes ago.

Now you should be able to apply for IFATC! Do so through this thread.

Be sure you meet all requirements before messaging a recruiter.

Once you message a recruiter, you will be given a written test. You can not apply for training until you have scored at least a 65% on this test. In order to pass the test, you must receive at least an 80%.

Here is a resource to help prepare you for the test. On this thread, the Public IFATC Manual and YouTube videos are linked as well.

Best of luck!


Can I train I’m grade 3 and am a very good atc I control all the time at egll

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Make sure you meet the new requirements, are currently in the recruiting process, and fill out a training form.


you can become IFATC but need to be with a lot of experience in ATC, I recommend using ATC more and you’ll have more chance of passing

Looking forward to become an ATC :)


All I can say is, practice practice practice


Hey! I applied for training 3 hours ago! Have you received it or has it not gone through? I know trainers are busy, just wanted to let you know


I’m going to do a +1 to what Yaser said.
I’m adding operations in the training server and would like to join IFATC soon but I’m not level TL1 on the community. If you can give me a hand with that I’d appreciate it.

Great community, loving it so far!

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You are TL1 :)

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Thank you, appreciated!

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Hi, i got 66 percent on my practise atc test does this mean I’m through?


Unfortunately, the practice test does not count towards the requirement for ATC Training. While it’s a good indicator of how well you’d do on the real deal, you need to have scored at least 65% on the official exam that was issued to you by an ATC Recruiter. Please feel free to ask if you have any further questions. :)

Good luck!


Just to clarify, you need to get at least a 65% on the written test to qualify for training. That isn’t a passing score though, and you’ll need to retake the written and get at least an 80% to pass.

@TaipeiGuru listed everything else you need to know!


Okay thank you I will aim to complete the course:)